Overhead Tube Radiography System

Where accuracy, efficiency and budget are paramount, the MiiRAD OT-B is ideal for sophisticated imaging environments. This premium imaging suite glides smoothly, delivers flexibility and precision to perform a full range of anatomical studies.

Whichever configuration you select, your MiiRAD imaging solution includes hospital-grade components designed for exceptional performance, high patient throughput, reliability and long-term investment value. MiiRAD systems are customizable solutions for medical practices of all sizes and budgets. All configurations offer a choice of high-performance imaging components, X-ray tubes and generators to create the right room for your specific needs. Upgrading to a digital imaging platform is easy. MiiRAD systems support multiple sized flat panel detectors offered with a choice of generator power and X-ray tubes for high volume facilities.


Easy To Operate

  • Riding on stainless steel bearings ensures vibration-free movement for fast, seamless travel and precise patient positioning

Superior Throughput

  • The crystal-clear digital SID readout allows for fast and meticulous patient positioning.

Safe And Accurate

  • The fully counterbalanced, telescopic column with zero drift ensures safe and accurate operation.
  • Electromagnetic locks control all tube movement

High Capacity Elevating Table

  • A powerful motor safely and seamlessly supports patients weighing up to 650 lbs.


Elevating Radiographic Table

  • Deluxe Elevating 4-way float-top table (23 in. – 34 in.)
  • 650 lb. rated patient load with collision protection
  • +/-5 in. transverse travel, 32 in. longitudinal travel
  • 84 in. x 30 in. table top
  • 17 in. Par-Speed Bucky with electric lock, 18.5 in. travel
  • Grid: 10:1 ratio, 103 LP
  • Heavy-duty Deluxe cassette tray

Overhead Tube Support

  • Ceiling mount tube support
  • 167 in. ceiling rails
  • Tube travel: 140 in. longitudinal, 94 in. transverse, 60 in. vertical
  • Tube rotation: horizontal axis +/- 120° with 90° detents, vertical axis of +/- 150° with 90° manual detents
  • Digital continuous SID readout to table, discrete 40 in. and 72 in. SID readout to wall
  • Digital angulation indicator, operator handgrips, and electric locks
  • Trunnion tube mount, 6 in. diameter


  • Heavy-duty, center-mount or flag-mount wallstand (specify right or left hand load)
  • Par-Speed Bucky, 17 in. x 17 in.
  • Grid: 10:1 ratio, 103 LPI
  • Heavy-duty Deluxe cassette tray
  • Electric locks
  • PA Grips (2 with center-mount style, 1 with flag-mount style)

Standard X-Ray Tubes (Specified by kW rating)

  • 0.6 – 1.5 mm focal spots, 200,000 heat units (40 kW generator)
  • 0.6 – 1.2 mm focal spots, 300,000 heat units (50 kW generator)
  • 0.6 – 1.2 mm focal spots, 400,000 heat units (65 or 80 kW generator)
  • 0.6 – 1.2 mm focal spots, 600,000 heat units (65 or 80 kW generator) – Optional


  • 50 ft. High Voltage cables, 150 kVp


  • Collimare certified manual collimator, 150kVp manual collimator with swivel mount , transverse and longitudinal laser light lines, tray positioning laser, light field and tape measure.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Features, components and software are system and configuration dependent. For further details please contact us directly or your local representative.