FluoroSight ONE

Universal R/F System

The FluoroSight ONE is a unique system that can support your digital radiographic and fluoroscopic needs.  Offering a new platform in productivity, performance and versatility, the FluoroSight ONE can perform all your imaging exams in one solution without the need for additional peripheral components like a ceiling suspended tube, wall-stand, or multiple detectors.




Image Processing

  • Auto and manual windowing contrast, brightness grey levels reverse.
  • Auto and manual image magnification:zoom on detector and on image.
  • Mosaic-image overview display, thumbnails presentation for fast exam overview.
  • Auto and manual electronic collimators.
  • Measuring software tools: distance, angles.
  • Image presentation: H/V reverse, 90°rotation, true size image editing.
  • Text editing with large fixed strings selection.
  • Sharp spatial filtering.



  • High frequency generator 65kW or 80kW RAD-FLUORO for one x-ray tube
  • Microprocessor controlled high frequency x-ray generator up to 400 kHz for radiography, fluoroscopy and digital techniques

Radiography Performances

  • 65kW: 800 mA – 80 kV | 80kW: 1000mA – 80kV
  • 65kW: 630 mA – 100 kV | 80kW: 800mA – 100kV
  • 65kW: 400 mA – 150 kV | 80kW: 630mA – 150kV

Radiography Selections

  • From 40 to 150 kV, from 10 to 800 mA (80kW: 1000 mA), from 0.1 to 1000 mA, from 0.001 to 6.3s

Fluoroscopy Selections

  • From 40 to 125 kV, from 0.5 to 10 mA. Electronic timer up to 10 min with intentional reset
  • DAP INTERFACE including display of Air Kerma values
  • 3-Phase 480VAC


  • Tilt:  ±90 degrees
  • Tabletop Material:  Carbon Fiber
  • Tabletop Capacity:  500lbs (227 kg)
  • Tabletop Dimension:  94.5” x 25.5” (240x65cm)
  • Elevation Range:  17.7” to 43.3” (45cm to 110cm)
  • Detector Longitudinal Travel:  67” (171cm)
  • Detector Transverse Travel:  32.9” (83.6cm)


  • Source to Image Distance (SID):  Variable 40” to 80” (100 to 200cm)
  • Longitudinal Travel:  65” (165cm)
  • Transverse Travel:  27.5” (70cm)
  • Oblique Longitudinal Angulation:  ±45 degrees
  • Electronic Tomography:  8º, 20º, and 40º with layer height up to 13” (33cm)
  • X-Ray Tube:  600KHU, 0.6 – 1.2 Focal Spot


  • Collimator Type:  Motorized Automatic Collimator
  • Laser Light:  Yes
  • Filters:  Automatic, based on APR Setting
  • Rotation:  Yes, Motorized ±45 degrees
  • Special Feature:  Camera inside to visualize patient position without X-ray radiation

Flate Panel Detector

  • Type: Thales Pixium RF4343 Flat Panel Detector
  • Technology:  Amorphous Silicon (a-Si)
  • Scintillator:  High absorption, high resolution Cesium Iodide (CsI)
  • Useful Area: 17”x17” (43×43 cm)
  • Pixel Matrix:  2880×2880 pixel
  • Pixel Pitch:  148 micron
  • DQE:  65% at 0 lp/mm
  • A/D Conversion:  16 bit

Improve Comfort, Patient Safety, Provide Easier Exams

The FluoroSight ONE’s compact, open design is optimized for access from all sides.  You can provide excellent patient care with simpler system positioning, easy patient access and safer transfers.  The low table height of under 18″ offers a more relaxed and cooperative exam setting for better results by ensuring staff confidence and helping reassure patients with limited mobility.

Greater Versatility With Less Interruptions

Save time, reduce workflow steps and achieve a new level of consistency in every exam.  The FluoroSight ONE covers a wide range of applications and allows you to move from one position to the next resulting in more efficient examinations, easier training and faster service. Conduct exams like cross table lateral, PA chest and extremities with confidence and without having to remove or relocate the detector. All images arrive at the digital imaging system for review and archiving.

One System, Dual Utilization, Increase Return On Investment

The FluoroSight ONE represents the next concept in pairing high quality fluoroscopy with digital radiography.  This unique system aims to improve overall system utilization, speed, consistency, quality and profitability, resulting in a better return on your investment.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Features, components and software are system and configuration dependent. For further details please contact us directly or your local representative.