Check Out Mii Solutions @ AHRA 2014 | #816

Medical Imaging Innovations is proud to be a first-time exhibitor at AHRA, with a full-size 20 x 20 booth showcasing its latest solutions! Mii will be displaying its key products, including the FluoroSight ECOthe – world’s first – dynamic FPD retrofit for classic RF systems, the MiiDR Interface, DynaRad Phantom DR portable, the Varian Infimed i5-DR AMX Retrofit.  All of these products will be shown with a full compliment of Varian DR technology.

FluoroSight ECO 01

Fluorosight ECO
Dynamic FPD Upgrade for Classic R/F Systems

Replaces the analog image intensifier, image acquisition software and generator of the existing system with brand new 43 x 43 Varian flat panel receptor, Varian Nexus-DRF digital acquisition system, and a CPI Indico IQ generator, which provides your tilting R/F table a new lease on life. Considering that the design of classic R/F tables hasn’t had any major update in over 30 years, the FluoroSight ECO is the – world’s first. Upgrading your image intensified system to flat-panel technology future-proofs your imaging department for years to come!

MiiDR CCC 01

Mii DR Interface

The MiiDR Interface is the only solution on the market today that addresses the key issues when retrofitting ‘smart’ radiographic and R&F systems. The MiiDR Interface can interconnect any cassette-size DR system to allow for automatic collimation and cassette cycling.

The MiiDR Interface consists of:

  • Master Interface Controller
  • Bucky Emulators (x2)
  • Collimator Control Console Software
  • Detector Orientation

DynaRad HF-110A 00

DynaRad Phantom

The DynaRad Phantom is a small format portable x-ray system designed to go into NICU, OR, and mobile service configurations for home health. With its small form factor, lighweight frame, paired with Varian DR technology, you have the best of both worlds: high quality imaging plus easy maneuverability.

Varian InfiMed i5 DR 04

Varian Medical Systems

Varian Medical Systems manufacturers over 10,000 flat panel detectors annually in a variety of applications including DR and Dynamic DR! With its i5 line of software, Varian is able to marry its best-selling DR sensors with a robust platform of acquisition software! At AHRA, we will be showing the i5-DRive, a mobile retrofit that can be used with Varian 4336W Wireless Detectors, alongside the Varian 4336X Tethered Detectors, and Varian’s Infimed i5 DR software platform.