Technology Shifts in Fluoroscopy

In a recent article on MD Buyline’s blog titled “Dual Technology Types in the Fluoroscopy Market” the sub-header read “Image-Intensifiers Remain Strong.”  In the age of flat-panel imaging, how is this still true?

The last time you went into your local electronics megamart, how prevalent were CRT televisions?  Vacuum tubes on audio systems?  So why are image intensifiers still strong in imaging departments?

One answer may be because of the decline in reimbursements and patient shift away from routine fluoroscopy and more towards CT work.   Lower reimbursements in fluoroscopy procedures enhanced with a lack of patients is an easy answer to why investment hasn’t been made in diagnostic fluoroscopy systems and new technologies.

The other answer could be that new technology like flat-panel detectors, when deployed in legacy system design, offers no real advantage to the department.  If you put a jet engine into a VW Beetle, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a rocket car (not that it isn’t cool to look at).  In today’s diagnostic fluoroscopy market, there are really only two styles of system:  classic RF and remote RF.  Both configurations usually consist of a tilting table with image intensifier and an overhead suspension and wall stand for bucky work, with the option for a flat-panel DR detector in lieu of CR cassettes.  Some manufacturers have had the same exact table base for 30+ years, and only improved some basic electronics.  Fluoroscopy systems have not shifted to accommodate flat-panel fluoroscopy technology.

Medical Imaging Innovations has introduced its new FluoroSight series of fluoroscopy systems specifically to fill the need that is left open in the fluoroscopy market, with two distinct products.  The FluoroSight ECO which is the world’s first and only retrofit to existing classic RF systems, and the FluoroSight ONE, the only universal RF system that can perform every exam with only one x-ray tube and one flat-panel detector.


FluoroSight ECO on GE Legacy/Precision 500 Table

The FluoroSight ECO allows the facility to maintain their current asset, and replaces the image intensifier, image acquisition system and generator (the majority of all       service problems as well), and implements a flat-panel fluoroscopy detector with new software and integrated generator.  The facility keeps the base mechanical          components, which are often the least problematic.  The FluoroSight ECO saves on acquisition cost, room prep costs, downtime, and the intangible costs associated with   new equipment purchases.



The FluoroSight ONE is a new universal RF system that with one detector and one tube can perform all of your exams.  Cross-table lateral exams, lateral lumbar, extremities, chest imaging, orthopedic views, automatic stitching, and any other view imaginable.  The completely unique design of the table is specifically beneficial with flat-panel technology, whereas many of the other systems on the market simply add a flat-panel to an existing design.  With the FluoroSight ONE, you are able to keep your room much busier than before, as it can be used for all radiographic procedures when your fluoroscopy cases are finished for the day.  No more is your room dark and your asset being under-utilized.


FluoroSight One 12

FluoroSight ONE – Patient Access

FluoroSight One 16

FluoroSight ONE – Imaging Directly on Detector

FluoroSight One 15

FluoroSight ONE – Cross-Table Stretcher Imaging


FluoroSight One 09

FluoroSight ONE – Cross-Table Imaging

FluoroSight One 01

FluoroSight ONE – Low Loading Height

FluoroSight One 08

FluoroSight ONE – Extremity Positioning





















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Technology Shifts in Fluoroscopy

In a recent article on MD Buyline’s blog titled “Dual Technology Types in the Fluoroscopy Market” the sub-header read “Image-Intensifiers Remain Strong.” In the age of flat-panel imaging, how is this still true?